Tuesday, 23 September 2014

We're now ready for your closeup

To cut a long story short, my Nikon camera broke soon after I took the last photo (from the previous post). It's been in the shop getting repaired for about 2 months (!!) but is now back with me in a functional state.

In the interim I finished off the endo skull with some detail work in the recesses (using a fine black pen), some black watercolour paint in the larger crevices, and some brown watercolour paint on the teeth to give them a more realistic stained appearance. After mounting it on the base from the original build (from 10 years ago), I wanted to take a selection of photos to finally enable me to draw a thick line under this project, and mark it as 'done'.

So here are a selection of the resulting photos of the finished thing for you to peruse. Click the images to view the hi-res versions.

Incidentally, if anything in this blog has been of interest to you, feel free to leave a comment in one of the posts. Also, if I've missed anything during the step-by-step process, or you have an questions, feel free to let me know.