Friday, 20 June 2014


I am using a mini air compressor and dual-action siphon-fed airbrush, much like these:

Mini Air Compressor and Siphon-Fed Airbrush

After some trial and error I decided on using approximately a 50/50 ratio mix of 'Humbrol Gloss Black Enamel Paint (21)' to 'White Spirit' mix, thinning the paint down to make it suitable for airbrushing. Initially I tested using 'Cellulose Thinner' (called 'Lacquer Thinner' in the USA I believe) but it has VERY powerful fumes, so I re-researched and discovered that White Spirit is an equally good alternative with fumes far less toxic than the Cellulose Thinner. As a bonus its much cheaper! Thoroughly mix the paint in the jar until it is even - many people suggest it should be the consistency of milk, which is quite a good visual indicator.

AND REMEMBER: Always work in a well ventilated room and use a face mask when working with such materials.

Mount all of the parts you want to paint so that you can easily airbrush them without the risk of touching and damaging the finish; this may be, for example, blu-tac (or glueing) them onto tooth-picks/plastic sprues, mounting them on rods/sticks, placing them on meshes, or hanging them off wire.

I set the compressor to about 20-25 PSI which allows for a nice flow of paint onto the surface. By using a steady 'brushing' action with the airbrush held at about a 15cm-20cm distance you can quite easily get a very smooth, glossy finish. Make sure you have a very good, bright light source when you are spraying, so that you can use its illumination and reflection to ascertain the point when you've put enough paint on the surface (it will go very smooth and reflective at that point); avoid putting further paint in this area or you risk it running.


  1. airbrush image is gone thought I'd let you know

  2. Wow Jamie good work! Am about to work on one myself so thanks for the tips.
    Your paint job is the best I have seen and is what I was looking for on my build.

  3. Thanks John. Good luck with the build. Update us when it's done?