Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Now that the Alclad II Chrome had been applied to all of the parts, I glued the acrylic teeth into position. It required a bit of tweaking to select suitable teeth from the set and to the get them positioned successfully. Note: you end up with some teeth left-over as I discovered a Terminator doesn't feature a full set of human teeth due to the chrome blocks at the back, where wisdom teeth would normally be. I'm not totally happy with the final result, as there's a bit of a gap between the upper and lower front teeth - I had already reduced the height of the lower rear teeth to help reduce effect of the gap at the front and felt further trimming might be pushing my luck (ie I might damage them irreversibly).

There is a massive visual improvement gained by replacing the original vinyl teeth with this acrylic set; they are incomparable and are something I would strongly recommend to anyone considering making one of these vinyl Endo Skull model kits. Actually, one problem is that they are too good; I'll need to grunge them up a bit so that he doesn't look like he's been visiting his dentist regularly.

You may also notice that I've started to paint in some of the finer detailing (eg panel gaps) and ageing/weathering into the recesses on the main chrome parts.

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