Sunday, 15 June 2014


One of the areas I researched the most when looking to do this re-build was the type of paint to use, and the best methods to achieve an optimal finish. I came to the conclusion that there were two chrome paints that were regarded as the best: "Spaz Stix" 'mirror chrome' and "Alclad II" 'chrome' paints. I decided to use Alclad II as it tended to get the most frequently positive feedback when reading critiques on forums around the 'net, and so ordered a bottle from eBay. To be totally accurate, Alclad II is actually a lacquer, rather than a paint, and works best when airbrushed over a high gloss black base layer. Again, after reading numerous forums, a recommended paint for this was Humbrol's Gloss Black Enamel (No.21), and so I also bought a tinlet from my local model shop.

I read warnings that the base gloss black coat needs to be as pristine as possible, as the Alclad II chrome (due to its highly reflective finish) would show up ANY imperfections to a magnified level when applied on top. So I set about prepping the Endo Skull.

Humbrol Black Gloss Enamel paint, and Allclad II Chrome lacquer; hopefully they'll provide a shiny metallic finish

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